Monday 28 July 2014
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Keep thieves out

Many homeowners access their garages by using automatic door openers that they leave in the car. The only problem is, if the vehicle is...


Covers for your canine

Dog owners know all about what their wet and/or muddy animal can do to a vehicle’s seats. You can protect your investment and display...


Test a G63 6×6 SUV in Abu Dhabi

Richard Hammond attacks the dunes of Abu Dhabi in a remarkable new six wheeled Mercedes called the G63 6×6.  


Mad Max: Fury Road

2015 belongs to the mad! A apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is...


1:8 scale Lamborghini model

1:8 scale Lamborghini model; about $800;  The The Spanish company builds large, limited-edition 1/8th-scale models that...

2011 Ecotec 2.0L I-4 VVT DI Turbo (LHU) for Buick Regal CXL

What’s all the talk these days about direct injection?

What’s all the talk these days about direct injection? It’s a relatively new buzzword in the industry, although some automakers...


Chevrolet Silverado HD

This thing is a monster. Huge. Garry says it's proportioned like an off-shore race boat, only backward.

Ashley Force Hood

Who am I?

To guess his secret identity, read the following clues! 1) Although she’s a lot like her race-winning father, she has other goals. 2)...


NSX up in smoke

With only months to go before the production car hits the streets, the prototype Acura NSX has burned down during testing at the...


What happens when you LOVESPEED

When a loud muffler just won't cut it, there are people out there...