Automotive-industry electronics and parts supplier Bosch says it has received orders for electromobility related parts and systems worth more than US $14 billion since the beginning of 2018. Bosch is fast-tracking electrification, including producing electric powertrains and spending research and development monies on automated driving, fuel-cell production and mobility technologies, reports Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine. Bosch spends almost half a billion U.S. dollars a year on emissions-free mobility. It estimates that by 2030 that 75 percent of vehicles on the road will still use internal-combustion engines, “so it’s also working on more efficient gas and diesel engines.” The company intends by 2022 to have invested US $4 billion in automated driving technologies.

Auto-parts supplier Bosch is accelerating development of electric technology as well as hydrogen fuel cells. PHOTO: BOSCH

Bosch reports $14.15 billion in electromobility orders: