Internet delivery service Amazon has ordered 100,000 custom-built electric vans to be delivered by 2030 from EV startup Rivian of Michigan. The “last-mile” delivery vans will be built at an Illinois factory that once made Mitsubishi vehicles. The first 10,000 vehicles are to be delivered and in service by 2022, reports online news service Axios. “It’s the latest vote of confidence in the red-hot electric-vehicle maker.” Major investors in the company have committed nearly $1.9 billion, including $700 million from Amazon. Although they share the same battery, electric networks and powertrain as Rivian’s own pickup trucks and SUVs, the electric vans will be built exclusively to Amazon specifications.

Rivian will build 100,000 electric delivery vans built to Amazon’s specifications. PHOTO: AMAZON

Amazon electric-delivery-van order boosts Rivian fortunes and future: