Jaguar Land Rover is working on a seat that continually re-adjusts itself to reduce the health risks that come from sitting too much, including on long drives. A series of actuators embedded in the seat foam “simulate the rhythm of walking,” said the automaker in a press release. Now in trials, the “morphable” seat creates constant micro-adjustments “that makes your brain think you’re walking and could be individually tailored to each driver and passenger.” Sitting too long, combined with increasingly sedentary lifestyles overall, can shorten and tighten the leg, hip and gluteal muscles and cause back pain, said JLR Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steve Iley. The seat subtly creates movement, called pelvic oscillation, that helps counteract those effects, he said.

A new seat from Jaguar Land Rover readjusts itself while drivers drive, helping to reduce pain. PHOTO: JAGUAR LAND ROVER

Shape-shifting seat subject of JLR research: