Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘steering wheel of the future’ could one day become the only part of one of its cars that people actually own, the company teased ahead of the wheel’s introduction at the annual Tech Fest in London, UK, Sept. 7. The Sayer steering-wheel concept is the first voice-activated artificial-intelligence steering wheel able to carry out hundreds of tasks, Jaguar Land Rover said in a press release. Do you need to be at a meeting two hours away by 8 a.m. tomorrow? “Ask Sayer from the comfort of your living room and it will work out when you get up, when a car needs to autonomously arrive at your door and even advise which parts of the journey you might enjoy driving yourself.”

A voice-activated steering-wheel concept has a number of functions, on and off the car. (PHOTO: JAGUAR LAND ROVER)

Steering wheel meets artificial intelligence: