E-commerce company Amazon has incorporated key functions of its Alexa smart-home/infotainment system into a voice-activated command program for automobiles. Called the Alexa Auto Software Development Kit, it includes support for smart home controls such as adjusting temperature, lighting and door locks, streaming media, weather news and other Alexa features, including making calls from phones, GPS navigation and making searches for movies, restaurants and businesses. Alexa is slated to appear in more vehicles later in 2018 as automakers, including BMW, Ford and Toyota, integrate it into their production systems. Toyota is building Alexa into its Entune 3.0 system, reports technology-culture webmagazine The Verge, while other companies including Anker and Garmin are creating aftermarket products that plug into older vehicles.

Automakers such as BMW, Ford and Toyota will integrate Amazon’s Alexa into their vehicles. PHOTO: BMW

Smart homes beget smarter cars: