Porsche division Porsche Classic has begun 3D-printing parts for re-build and restoration purposes. Using traditional methods to make a few copies of rare out-of-production parts is slow and expensive, it said, citing the case of a clutch-release lever for the Porsche 959 model. With only 292 cars ever produced, the clutch part is no longer available, but was recently reproduced with 3D printing. Emerging-technologies magazine, New Atlas, said the part passed all tests, was installed and used in a vehicle. Porsche Classic is also now printing eight other parts of both steel and plastic, and is assessing printing another 20 old-vehicle parts. They must meet Porsche’s quality requirements for the originals, (although they have usually exceeded them.)

With only 292 Porsche 959 models built, there are few replacement parts available. Porsche is 3D printing some pieces to fill the need.

Porsche prints new parts for old cars: