A new trademark filing by General Motors indicates that the automaker is working to develop an electrified Corvette, speculates AutoGuide.com. Two filings – one for “Corvette E-Ray” and the other for just “E-Ray” – apply specifically for “Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles.” “In the spirit of jumping to conclusions, we’ll say there’s no way these trademarks don’t point to the possibility of GM developing an electric, or maybe even hybrid-powered Corvette.” The site notes that GM has been pushing its electrification strategy of late, with the second-generation Volt “impressing the critics.” With electric motors offering full torque at practically zero revolutions per minute, a Corvette with electric technology “could be an impressive performer.”


The best and most expensive sports cars in the world are hybrids, so it makes sense that Chevrolet would want to get in on the action. This is the current Corvette Z06. Perhaps an electrified car would carry the “E-Ray” name.

Patent filings suggest an electrified Corvette could be coming: