Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) says it has mastered the task of vehicle-air purification, ensuring that occupants breath the most odor-free, clean air possible. The Smart Air Purification system constantly monitors and filters in-cabin air and sports an automatic filtering system that ensures “excellent” air quality status, a press release said. Combined with advanced filtering, the system is claimed to remove fine particulates and almost instantly purifies the inside air automatically. Its filters “enhance the collection of fine particles from 94 percent to 99 percent,” HMG said. A charcoal-based deodorization function will automatically close windows to assist the purification process whenever the vehicle enters a cloud of odiferous air.

Hyundai says it has a new system that automatically closes the windows when it detects impure air, and then filters the cabin environment. PHOTO: Hyundai

Particulate-free, clean air system ‘up to 99 percent effective’: