A Canadian group seeking a low-priced bulk buy of Nissan’s electric car, the Leaf, has been rebuked by Nissan, reports the La Presse newspaper. Organizer Bruno Marcoux sought to replicate the success of a similar group in Colorado, which bought 248 Leafs for a much-lower-than-sticker price. Marcoux thought he was getting close, reports the automotive website The Truth About Cars. He had secured a group purchasing agreement with a local dealer in Montreal, in the province of Quebec, which, combined with government incentives and manufacturer buy-in, could have dropped the per-unit price to less than $20,000 in Canadian funds. The MSRP is $32,698. ‘We do not support this type of group purchasing initiative,’ said Nissan Canada president Joni Paiva.

For the 2016 model year, LEAF adds a number of significant enhancements – beginning with a new 30 kWh battery for LEAF SV and LEAF SL models that delivers an EPA-estimated driving range of 107 miles* on a fully charged battery. The range of a LEAF S model is 84 miles, giving buyers a choice in affordability and range.

Nissan Canada won’t allow a group buy of Nissan Leafs below list price. (PHOTO: NISSAN)

Nissan says no to bulk Leaf buy: