General Motors’ ride-sharing partner Lyft undertook a major expansion at the end of January when it expanded into 40 new American cities, with the goal to open in a further 100 markets by the end of 2017. The expansion comes after a ‘strong’ 2016 for the service in which Lyft provided 162.5 million rides, three times the number it conducted 2015. Additional cities will be announced as 2017 progresses, a spokesperson said. This is just the first wave of the Lyft expansion, she said, adding that by the end of the year Lyft will be in 300 U.S. cities with a collective population of 231 million people, up from its current potential customer base of 177 million people.

Lyft announced expansion to 40 new U.S. cities at the end of January.

Lyft goes long: