Ford did more to enhance the fuel efficiency of its full-size 2015 F-150 pickup than constructing it largely of aluminum, making it about 700 pounds lighter than the model it replaced. The company also paid close attention to the truck’s aerodynamics, including building in “air curtains” that help smooth airflow around the vehicle. Horizontal slots below the headlights channel air through ducting in the wheel wells, expelling it across the outer surfaces of the front wheels and tires. The system, first introduced on the 2015 Ford Mustang, reduces the drag created by the turning tires and wheels. Other aerodynamic details include a flush-mounted windshield, a tailgate top that also acts like a spoiler, and taillights that channel air to reduce turbulence.

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Cutting weight is one thing, but highway fuel performance is just as much or more dependent on cutting the wind. Ford integrated “air curtains” in the F-150 to help direct air around the vehicle.

Lighter F-150 also more aerodynamic: