A study by the Automotive Science Group released in April found the all-electric Nissan Leaf to be the least environmentally impactful vehicle on the planet, for the third consecutive year. The study, which looked beyond just miles per gallon to projecting a model’s emissions from pre-production to the end of its life cycle, said the Leaf beat the Honda Fit (the study’s most economical gasoline car) by 47 percent in lifecycle emissions, said automotive lifestyle Web site Autos Cheat Sheet. Where the Leaf topped the list, the Fit ranked highest of all gasoline-powered cars, at No. 22, as regards greenhouse-gas emissions and gross energy requirements.


The Nissan Leaf placed first, while the best gasoline car, the Honda Fit, placed 22nd. (PHOTO: NISSAN)

In terms of overall environmental impact, the Nissan Leaf electric is better than the best gasoline car by 47 percent: