San Francisco, Calif., might soon be home to the world’s largest hydrogen refueling station, and the first one to serve both land and marine vehicles. The city might also soon get its own high-speed hydrogen-fuel-cell ferry as part of a demonstration project backed by public and private interests, says alternative vehicle Web site, Green Car Reports. That ferryboat will need a place to refuel, as will hundreds and then thousands of hydrogen fuel-cell cars arriving from Toyota, Honda and Hyundai over the next five years. If it goes ahead, the fueling station will serve cars, buses and fleet vehicles, in addition to the ferryboat and other fuel-cell vessels, dispensing up to 3,306 pounds of hydrogen a day.


A new hydrogen fueling station for a ferryboat will also be used by new hydrogen vehicles coming online such as the Toyota Mirai.

Huge hydrogen station would serve land and marine vehicles: