Looking much like something from the sci-fi movie Tron, Nissan recently drove its first glow-in-the-dark electric Leaf sedan on the world’s first luminous “smart” highway, located in the Netherlands. More a publicity stunt than anything else, the luminous Leaf was put on the high-tech highway as a platform to announce that Nissan EV sales increased by 313 percent across the Netherlands last year. The glow-in-the-dark highway near Oss, Netherlands, is powered by the sun, and saves energy by eliminating the need for street lighting. Nissan said the Leaf was painted to glow in the dark, in an effort to showcase how many of its customers are powering their cars from solar energy generated at home.


Why paint this Nissan Leaf to glow in the dark? To match the roads in the Netherlands that also glow in the dark, of course.

Glow-in-dark car rides on a luminescent road: