The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe tall wagon will be the company’s first model to offer fingertip technology for unlocking and starting the vehicle, without a key or a keyfob. Placing a finger over a sensor in the door handle gets the authorized driver inside. Placing a finger over a sensor on the dash then starts the vehicle. Hyundai said the tech also provides a customized driving environment; the vehicle automatically adjusts seating positions, connected-car features and side-view mirror angles. And there’s more: plans are to expand fingerprint reading to adjust temperature, steering wheel and other features tailored to driver’s preferences. Hyundai said its sensors are fine-tuned enough to read the electricity levels in various parts of the fingertip to prevent forgeries and fakes.

Hyundai says its new start system reads fingertip electricity levels and therefore prevents forgeries.

Fingerprint technology gets touchy: