It’s no longer good enough for supercars to have internal-combustion engines, says the CEO of automotive design house Automobili Pininfarina. “Going electric” is now the minimum entry point, according to Michael Perscke. “It no longer works to launch an aspirational brand with a gas engine,” Perscke told alternative-vehicles webmagazine Green Car Reports. Flush with cash from India-based automaker Mahindra, which bought the Italy-based design company in 2015, Pininfarina is working to launch its own line of cars, starting in 2020 with the multi-million dollar PFO exotic sports car. It will be made from carbon fiber with four axle-mounted electric motors to launch it to 100 km/h (62 mph) from zero in just two seconds.

Pininfarina’s new supercar will have an electric motor at each wheel. The company says internal combustion is a non-starter.

Electric is the ‘starting point’ for new aspirational cars from Pininfarina: