Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee have developed a wireless-charging system that they say rivals wired plug-in fast chargers. With a six-inch air gap between the battery to be charged and the ground-based charging coils, tests have shown the 120-kilowatt system is 97 percent efficient. Next up, ORNL said, are higher output 200 kW and 350 kW systems, with the goal of charging a vehicle in 15 minutes or less, reported Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine. Lead scientist Veda Galigekere said the research team developed “a novel co-optimization methodology” that solves the issue of coil design while ensuring the system doesn’t overheat or pose safety issues.

New wireless technology is on track to fully charge an electric vehicle in 15 minutes. PHOTOS: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, ONRL

Through-air charging system said to be 97 percent efficient: