Electric-car startup Tesla was poised to begin deliveries of its Model X at the end of September, to United States customers who had already reserved a copy of the luxury tall wagon. Those who ordered the premium Model X Signature series, priced between US $132,000 and $144,000, were to get theirs first at a handing-over ceremony at Tesla’s Freemont, Calif. factory, reported industry watchdog, Automotive News. A third, cheaper vehicle, the Model 3 starting at $35,000, will begin production “in about two years,” tweeted Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Among other features like self-parking and enhanced sound systems, the limited-edition Signature series cars will be available in a red color not offered for the standard Model X.


The Model X will quietly arrive at the end of the September, but only for those who ordered the premium “Signature” series.

Tesla waves “unique red” flag at Model X buyers: