BMW’s new K1600GT motorcycle has a feature virtually unknown in the industry: a self-leveling headlight. As the rider tips the bike into a corner, a conventional headlight redirects itself downward on the side the rider is steering into, leaving the turn ahead largely unlit. The ALLight (for Always Level Light) is a simple bulb replacement for H4-, H7- or H11-type bulbs. Mounted to a small electric motor, it stabilizes the headlight on the roll axis, and since it won’t flick up to blind oncoming motorists, it can run super-bright LEDs that are the same brightness for low beam as high beam, reports emerging-technologies webmagazine New Atlas. The bulbs cost about US $150 each.

A new motorcycle headlight levels itself when the bike is leaning during cornering. (PHOTO: ALLLIGHT)

Self-leveling motorcycle headlight solves corner blindness: