A touted breakthrough in computer rendering has Porsche virtually giddy over the implications for future vehicle design. The system, called “ray tracing,” greatly reduces the time it takes to render an image as well as how the image reflects light to achieve new realism. Porsche partnered with Epic Games and NVIDIA — which specialize in video gaming and graphic processing, respectively — and is using the real-time software in the design of the next 911 Speedster concept, reports industry publication Automotive News Canada. “Ray tracing basically mimics more realistically the way light behaves,” said Francois Antoine, Epic director of embedded systems. Christian Braun, Porsche director of virtual design, praised the system for its ease of use.

Porsche’s partnership with Epic Games and NVIDIA has yielded a breakthrough in design-rendering software that more accurately applies light. PHOTO: EPIC GAMES

Real-time ‘ray-tracing’ software renders next 911 concept: