The world’s best selling small sports car will soon offer a retractable fastback model that Mazda says brings a new dimension to open-top driving and makes the roadster experience accessible to more drivers. In fastback mode, with the roofline sloping down to the rear edge, the 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF (retractable fastback) offers hardtop protection from the elements. The power roof opens and closes at the press of a button while moving at vehicle speeds up to 10 mph. The roof and rear window stow themselves in the back, but the MX-5 RF has the same trunk space as the soft-top model.


The allure of retractable hard top might be enhanced when buyers realize that the assembly doesn’t impact trunk room. It’s the same as for the convertible. (PHOTO: MAZDA)

Mazda makes MX-5 appeal more widespread: