Bavarian automaker BMW might have two of the hottest-selling electric cars on the market today – in the guise of the battery-electric i3 city car, and the i8 hybrid sports car – but its sights are also set on exploiting hydrogen power, sometime around 2020. At a recent media event in France, BMW showed off Toyota’s fuel-cell technology built into both a BMW 5 Series GT demo car, and a heavily modified i8 sport coupe. The lack of existing hydrogen fueling infrastructure remains an issue. “Technically, we’re ready to put fuel-cell cars on the road, but so far it remains too expensive,” a company official told Bloomberg News. The challenge remains “a task not just for carmakers, but for the whole of society.”


Using hydrogen technology in this frumpy prototype, BMW says that this method of propulsion is ready to go, but it’s just too expensive.

Hydrogen economy “society’s challenge”: