Ford says it will deliver a high-volume, fully autonomous vehicle for ride sharing/hailing purposes in 2021, and to get there the company doubling the size of the California teams it has working on the project and is contracting with four new technology start-up companies. Ford CEO Mark Fields says the development of autonomous vehicles will have an effect on society as great as the development a hundred years ago of the moving assembly line that revolutionized not just automobile production, but manufacturing itself. Ford this year will triple its autonomous-vehicle test fleet, bringing to about 30 the number of self-driving Fusion hybrid sedans on the roads in California, Arizona and Michigan, and will triple it again in 2017.

Ford is pushing for driverless ride sharing by 2021, which will expand mobility to people who don’t actually have a license to drive, among others.(PHOTO: FORD)

Ford on the road to autonomous hybrid ride sharing in 2021: