Ford’s built-in-Canada GT supercar will use a strong, lightweight glass developed for cell phone use in its windshield and engine cover. Gorilla Glass, developed by Corning for smartphone touchscreens is a thin, lightweight and durable alternative to regular safety glass, reports AutoWeek magazine. It’s also about 30 percent lighter, while maintaining and possibly improving the safety quotient of safety glass. Ford said the high-tech glass in the windshield and engine cover will save about 12 pounds in the car’s overall weight. Construction of the glass is similar to traditional laminated safety glass in that there’s a layer of plastic sandwiched between two pieces, “so shattering shouldn’t be an issue.”

All-New Ford GT

The upcoming Ford GT will use glass that’s similar to what you would find on the face of your smart phone. It’s thin and has interesting strength properties.

Ford beats chest with lightweight Gorilla Glass in its new GT: