Volvo’s second electric Polestar model — a high-end offshoot of the Sweden-based brand — will be able to travel up to 350 miles and will start at about US $40,000. Called the Polestar 2, it will serve as the brand’s entry-level model after the carbon-fiber-bodied hybrid Polestar 1 sports coupe arrives, priced at more than US $150,000. Polestar COO Jonathon Goodman told Britain’s Autocar magazine that depending on the trim level, the Polestar 2 will have up to 400 horsepower. Its 350-mile range represents “the lower ‘bookend’ of our showroom range and, for now, it should give us as much access to the volume end of the EV market as we need.”

The Polestar 2’s 350-mile electric range represents the low end of the “showroom range,” says the company. The car is expected to use design cues found on the Volvo 40.2 concept, pictured. PHOTO: VOLVO

Entry-level Polestar model to start at about $40,000: