It’s not a new idea, but a suspension that also harvests energy from the motions generated between a vehicle and the road is new. Audi’s electromechanical rotary (eROT) suspension system is based on the company’s high energy, 48-volt electrical system, reports emerging technologies webmag New Atlas (formerly Gizmag). In addition to improving in-cabin refinement, the system recuperated between 100-150 watts under average conditions, Audi said. Results differ wildly depending on the road, however. On billiard-smooth surfaces it created just three watts, while bumpy side roads returned up to 613 watts. ‘Every pothole, every bump, every curve induces kinetic energy in the car,’ said technical development board member Stefan Knirsch. It’s ‘certainly plausible’ to see it in future models.

This suspension converts up-and-down motion into electricity. (PHOTO: AUDI)

Electric suspension captures, stores kinetic energy: