As Mercedes-Benz launches a barrage of plug-in electric cars, parent company Daimler is making its executives practice what they preach, reports Motor Trend magazine. Executives at Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, will be required to choose either electric cars or plug-in hybrids as their company vehicles. Lower-level employees are also being incentivized through special lease terms for the vehicles. Daimler is also employing a tactic that has worked well for other companies looking to increase electric-vehicle adoption: expanding charging infrastructure. With 556 individual charging plugs at its headquarters, Daimler recently made a US $33-million investment aimed at expanding Germany’s electric-car charging network.


For Mercedes-Benz executives, the 436-horsepower S550 plug-in seems like a viable choice. It’s also the first Mercedes model to be offered as a plug-in hybrid. (PHOTO: MERCEDES-BENZ)

Daimler executives expected to lead green movement by example: