Ford says it’s using a form of artificial intelligence to improve traction and reduce fuel consumption in the 2019 Ford Edge utility vehicle, switching automatically between two- and all-wheel-drive and calculating when to do so “quicker than the human brain.” Called All-wheel-drive disconnect, the system engages all four wheels when they’re needed, and helps reduce fuel consumption when they’re not, based on information received from dozens of sensors. The first-for-Ford technology sifts through a range of information covering wheel slip, road conditions, vehicle speed, brake performance, windshield-wiper usage and outside temperature to determine “in a split second” when all-wheel-drive is needed, and doing it fast and seamless enough that occupants can’t tell it’s happening.

Edge ST features superior handling and braking, ST-tuned sport suspension, Sport Mode, new quick-shifting 8-speed transmission, standard all-wheel-drive, and the most powerful V6 engine in its class.

Ford is using a form of artificial intelligence in the all-wheel-drive system of the 2019 Ford Edge. PHOTO: FORD

AI system takes 10 milliseconds to make decisions