Tired of throwing away paper air filters when they became clogged, the AutoDoc switched all the vehicles in the Wheelbase Media fleet – from muscle cars to work trucks – to K&N high-flow air filters. Aside from the potential of more power due to a lower air restriction, you never have to throw one away when it gets dirty, which ultimately saves you money in the long run and fewer paper filters end up in landfills. While all that sounds good, it doesn’t mean a K&N filter, or a similar competing brand for that matter, will last forever without cleaning. Out of sight and out of mind, right? So how do you clean an air filter? Simple. K&N sells a kit that comes with a spray cleaner and new air-filter oil (which traps incoming dirt). When to perform this maintenance depends on where you drive, but inspect every 25,000 miles and expect to do a cleaning every 50,000 miles. The interval is much longer than that of a standard paper filter, which might actually make cleaning your K&N hard to remember, so write the inspection date on the filter when you install it and check K&N’s Web site, www.knfilters.com, for cleaning specifics.


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