The Sleuth recently experienced a problem that he suspects is more common than you might think. He parked a car outside but did not push the “start” button to turn it off, returning four hours later to realize the engine was still running. Other than wasting fuel, there was no apparent harm or foul, but had The Spymaster parked inside a closed garage, the result could have been considerably worse. According to a recent New York Times story, there have been 28 deaths and 45 injuries due to carbon-monoxide poisoning reported in the United States since 2006, caused by drivers forgetting to turn their engines off. Some automakers have warning systems that will alert you to this situation, there’s no legal requirement for them to do so. That’s completely unacceptable, but it’s an important thing to remember the next time you park your car.

To take a key with you, you have to shut off the vehicle. With a fob and a start button, people have been known to take the fob but leave their vehicle without shutting it off. (FILE PHOTO)

The risks of going keyless: