The last of the automaker’s 918-car run of the 918 (sounds like double-speak, but that’s how many of the 875-horsepower super hybrids Porsche intended to produce) recently rolled out of the assembly hall in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. Given the unquenchable demand these days for outrageously quick sports cars with equally outrageous prices – $850,000-plus for the 918 – it’s no wonder, exclaims The Sleuth, that Porsche has another one on the drawing board. That model is as yet unnamed, but the 919 handle has apparently been bandied about since that’s what Porsche’s race-winning car (also a hybrid) is called. Whatever it is, don’t count on it being any more affordable than the 918 Spyder.


Even if you could afford one, you’re not getting a Porsche 918 as they’re all sold. Rumor has it that a replacement is in the works, though.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is gone, but Porsche has other plans: