On occasion, The Sleuth likes to enjoy a night on the town. When that happens, he either sticks to soda water, or enjoys a cold one and then leaves his vehicle parked overnight. But, if The Sleuth owned a 2018 Lincoln Navigator, he would simply order a chauffeur by phone/text for a specific departure time to the party and then back home when it’s over. It’s all part of Lincoln’s go-the-extra-mile plan to lure customers to its showrooms. As far as The Spy Guy knows, not even Rolls-Royce, Bentley or other high-roller automakers go that far. Mind you, buyers of these upper-crust cars likely have a chauffeur or two in their employ already.

Own a new Lincoln Navigator and instead of driving it, you can call for a ride from a chauffeur. (PHOTO: LINCOLN)

The next Lincoln Navigator will comes with a ride service: