The Sleuth is not one bit surprised that the funky little coupe and convertible are driving off into the sunset following the 2019 model year. Although decidedly different looking in an age of utility-vehicle sameness, the Beetle never seemed to capture the imagination of car shoppers, and sales have been on a downward spiral for the past few years. The Beetle also doesn’t fit with Volkswagen’s plans to fully or partially electrify most of its vehicles over the next decade while it introduces platforms that are adaptable to those technologies. However, The Sneaky One is expecting a rush of buyers eager to grab what’s called Final Edition models (in SE and SEL trim levels, only). These Mexico-built Beetles will come reasonably well equipped along with badges indicating their place in Volkswagen history.

The name of the Final Edition Volkswagen Beetles says it all. Once they’re gone, it’s final.

The Beetle takes its final bow