Word has reached The Sleuth that Cadillac will introduce an extended-length version of its BMW 3-series-rivaling ATS sedan. But before you get too excited, be aware that there are no plans to market the ATS-L in North America. In fact, China will the only country slated to get the car later this year, which is a shame since one of the weaknesses of the regular-wheelbase ATS is that it’s a bit cramped in back for adults and the extra 21.5 inches between the front and rear wheels could really help out in that department. In fact, opines The Trenchcoated One, BMW, Audi and others should consider a similar stretch option for their luxury compact sedans, thus opening up a whole new sub-segment for buyers wanting plus-size accommodations at a reasonable price.

The long-wheelbase ATS would seem like a good fit for North America, except that The Sleuth thinks Cadillac would rather you buy the XTS.

The ATS receives a bit of a stretch, but not here