The Sleuth wonders how many owners of late-model General Motors and Volvo vehicles will sign on to the Amazon Key in-car’s parcel delivery service. This program allows authorized delivery personnel to unlock your car’s hatch or trunk and place whatever you’ve ordered inside. Of course Amazon Key includes a number of safeguards and smart-phone monitoring to ensure nothing goes wrong. Still, just like the company’s Key in-home service, you’ll have to accept the fact that a perfect stranger will be invading your personal space while you’re not around. Amazon also has to realize that the first time something goes awry, such as a reported theft or damage to property by a delivery person, both traditional and social media outlets will literally explode.

Amazon will deliver packages to your vehicle without you even being there. If not, you can get them the old-fashioned way: Delivered to your house. (PHOTO: AMAZON)

Special delivery, to your vehicle: