You might not have the funds to acquire a classic hot rod, but you can drive (push, actually) the Roddler baby stroller along the sidewalk with your youngster comfortably seated in front. Each custom-built Roddler is constructed with an aluminum frame and suspension, stainless-steel hardware, chrome grips, painted steel fenders and rubber tires that are mounted to a 52-spoke pivoting front wheel. The convertible top is made of vinyl leatherette, as is the seat, but it also comes with a suede insert. And when the passenger is past the crawling stage, the Roddler can be converted into a hot rod tricycle with the available handlebars, fenders, headlight, pedal assembly and other components. The Roddler sells for $1,275 ($500 extra for the trike conversion package) and is available at


Roddler for your toddler