Incredulous as it seems, The Sleuth’s sources are hearing that Lynk & Co, an offshoot of Geely of China (which owns Volvo) is quickly proceeding with plans to bring what is dubbed the 02 to market in Geely’s home country later this year and to Europe and North America by late 2018. It’s all part of an aggressive plan to sell half a million Lynk & Co vehicles a year by 2022. The 02 compact four-door hatchback will use the same platform that was originally created for the upcoming Volvo V40 and XC40 wagons. The 02 will reportedly come with advanced connectivity features, including vehicle-to-vehicle communications and permanent Internet connectivity. As with Tesla, Lynk & Co plans to establish company-owned retail stores instead of selling through a dealer network.

Lynk & Co.’s new vehicle, the 02, appears headed to North America in late 2018. The company is an offshoot of Geely in China, which also owns Volvo.(PHOTO: MANUFACTURER)

No longer the missing Lynk: