So, how do you put a jack stand under the vehicle at the exact same point as the jack? Well since the jack is already there, you can’t. It’s a pain to find another jack-stand location (if there even is one), which is where Rennstand RS3 by Safe Jack comes in. It’s a jack stand that goes over your jack and locks in place when the desired height is reached. Then just remove the jack, if you like. Each 14-pound all-steel portable stand is capable of supporting up to three tons, with an adjustment height ranging from 11.5 and 16.5 inches. With the center section and the universal jacking pad raised to the appropriate height, the two leg assemblies are held in place using the provided safety pins. Each Safe Jack (jack not included) sells for $125 (add $22 for the optional carrying bag). See this and other jacking solutions at

No conflict with the jack