The Sleuth notes plenty of anticipation among midsize-truck fans concerning the return of Ford’s junior model. His sources tell him that at least a couple of disguised prototypes (both four-door crew-cab models) are being evaluated on public roadways as well as away from anything remotely resembling pavement. At this point, turbo-diesel four-cylinder engines are the only powerplants being tested (the Ranger will be sold globally), but it’s quite possible that at least one will be available here to compete with similar Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon diesel models. As well, as least a couple of turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder engines (including a high-output version for the off-road-focused Ranger Raptor) will be on the Ranger’s build sheets when it arrives for the 2019 model year.

The new Ford Ranger will be based on the model sold in Europe, pictured, but it will likely be built in the United States. (PHOTO: FORD)

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