A number of news outlets have indicated the automaker is dropping the compact CX-3 wagon and the midsize Mazda6 sedan at the end of the 2021 model year. The CX-3 arrived for 2016, and it has remained basically unchanged. The current-generation Mazda6 has also stayed the course, a turbocharged-four-cylinder-engine option was added for 2018. To offset these losses, the new MX-30 battery-electric model is expected to arrive for 2022 but will initially be offered only to California residents. There are rumors that the Mazda6 will be replaced by a new upscale sedan using a rear-wheel-drive platform and an inline six-cylinder engine.

The CX-3, pictured, and the Mazda6 sedan are on the way out. That means the CX-30 is the entry-point utility vehicle in the lineup. PHOTO: MAZDA

Mazda to cancel two models: