Toyota’s upscale division has apparently been working on improvements to the sleek and slinky luxury coupe that was introduced for the 2018 model year. The LC 500 2+2, which is available in both coupe and new-for-2020 convertible body styles, comes with a 471-horsepower V-8 or a 3.5-liter V-6 working in tandem with an electric motor to produce a net 354 horsepower (LC 500h). The plan calls for no changes to either power system, but Lexus is introducing lighter aluminum suspension components, including anti-roll bars and coil springs. The standard 21-inch wheels are also lighter. Although total weight reduction is expected to be less than 25 pounds, specifying the coupe’s optional carbon-fiber roof (in place of the steel version) would also help. A reduction in LC pricing, which starts at close to $100,000, is not anticipated.

There are no changes to the Lexus LC’s power output, but the car will be lightened a bit with new suspension components and wheels. PHOTO: LEXUS

Lexus updates the LC: