If you have a vehicle stored away for extended periods, note that rodents love hunkering down in them, especially under the hood. Once there, they tend to bite into/through the wiring, which can leave you with an expensive repair bill or perhaps a sizable insurance claim or even a fire that totals the vehicle and the building it’s in. To help prevent this, Honda sells Rodent tape (part #4019-2317). The product resembles electrical tape, except for the images of dead vermin on the top side. Honda laces each 65-foot roll with capsaicin, which is the active ingredient in chili peppers and has proved lethal to the invading critters. To use, you wrap the tape around unprotected wiring spots and rubber hoses (it’s also a good idea to occasionally check under the hood). Rodent tape sells for $40 at www.hondapartshq.com.

Issues with rats and mice