That’s what The Sleuth is wondering after hearing about the new High Performance Package available for the 2020 Mustang’s base 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Thanks to some engine tweaking, output increases to 322 horsepower from 310. According to Ford, the upgraded turbo will take the Mustang to 60 mph from zero in about 4.5 seconds when linked to the optional 10-speed automatic transmission. That’s just a few ticks slower than the 460-horsepower Mustang GT, which costs roughly $4,000 more, is 200 pounds heavier (much of that weight is over the front wheels) and uses more gasoline. Other High Performance Package goodies include a strut tower brace, heavy-duty front springs, thicker rear sway bar, Pirelli P Zero summer tires and the same (larger) brakes as the GT’s. Also available is a special handling package that adds constantly adjustable (magnetic) shocks, limited-slip differential and semi-metallic brake pads.

The High Performance Package for the turbocharged four-cylinder Mustang is a reasonable (lower-cost) substitute for the V-8-powered GT. PHOTO: FORD

Is the Mustang GT becoming redundant?