That’s what The Sleuth’s sources believe it to be a likely outcome. The fact that the current iteration has been around since the 2003 model year with only one update since that time would indicate that the 370Z’s days are numbered. And public comments issued by a number of Nissan execs regarding the sports car’s low priority seem to support the notion that are no plans to replace the car with a fresh model. There are also rumblings in high places that, with the success of the premium priced GT-R, there is really no need to spend gobs of money to design and build a new Z. It was for similar financial reasons that Mazda and Fiat shared development costs of the current MX-5 and 124 Spider roadsters. BMW and Toyota are also sharing some development costs to bring the next Z4 and Supra sports cars to market.

The Nissan 370Z is getting long in the tooth and there appears to be little interest within the company to replace it. (PHOTO: NISSAN)

Is it curtains for Nissan’s Z-car?