The Sleuth reports that Nissan’s premium division will adopt both electric and electrified models (hybrids) built off a common modular platform, starting in 2021. The hybrids will include vehicles with gasoline engines that will generate electric power for the batteries and will not be mechanically connected to the wheels. The 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder will continuously function as an electric generator so there won’t be an external plug-in charge port for the batteries. Infiniti says, however, that the high-performance hybrids will bed plug-in versions that operate for a defined period in electric mode before the gasoline engine assumes the propulsion duties. The initial Infiniti electric is expected to be based on the brand’s Q Inspiration concept.

The first electric Infiniti model could use the Q Inspiration concept for, well, inspiration. PHOTO: INFINITI

Infiniti adopts electrification for its next-generation models: