The Sleuth figured that it was only a matter of time before the Korea-based automaker filled an obvious void in the current lineup. After announcing that it would launch a pickup in North America, Hyundai is giving the go-ahead for a two-seater model that’s expected to resemble a concept called the PassoCorto (first revealed in 2014). There is some speculation that the sports car will wear a Genesis badge, or possibly be the halo model for Hyundai’s N performance brand. Whatever the case, a price tag in the low- to mid-$70,000 range is probable. A plug-in hybrid powertrain is also expected. The sports car is currently at the drawing-board stage, which means it’s at least three to four years away.

Aside from a truck, the only vehicle niche not filled by Hyundai is the sports car category. This concept, first shown in 2014 is one possible direction for the company. (PHOTO: HYUNDAI)

Hyundai considers a sports car: