The Sleuth is disappointed that the Honda e electric small car that goes on sale in Japan for 2020 won’t be heading to North America, but all hope is not lost. He hears there are plans afoot to introduce a number of electrified and pure electric models here in the next few years. Currently, the midsize Clarity Electric sedan is the only one of its type the company offers, but only on lease in California and Oregon. As well, the vehicle’s 89-mile maximum range is not on par with competing electrics on the market. Currently (pun intended) under development by Honda is a dedicated platform for a number of larger-sized passenger cars and light-duty utilities, with either two- or all-wheel-drive systems and significantly greater range. We’re not likely to see the first of these newbies for another three years, at the earliest.

The Honda e, pictured, is not coming to North America, but a new platform for larger electrified vehicles is in the works. PHOTO: HONDA

Honda’s small electric car will not come here, but buyers in North America are in for larger machinery: