That’s what the China-based automaker is claiming, even though The Sleuth thinks that tariff issues with the U.S. government might first need to be resolved. The first of a planned series of cars heading stateside is the midsize seven-seat GS8 utility model, possibly followed by the smaller GS5. The GS8 is powered by a turbocharged V-6 while the GS5 will come with a turbocharged four-cylinder. Although there’s nothing official regarding marketing and distribution channels in the United States, it’s rumored that the Fiat-Alfa Romeo dealers (part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) will be selling GAC vehicles.

GAC Motor of China wants to sell vehicles such as the GS8 in North America, but has yet to announce a dealer network. PHOTO: GAC

GAC Motor has its sights set on North America for 2019: