The Spy Guy believes the Sweden-based automaker might have come up with a way to entice tech-savvy buyers into the upcoming XC40. The compact wagon, which arrives early next year as a 2019 model, will be available by online subscription. Called ‘Care by Volvo,’ the service requires customers to pay a flat fee each month, which includes all maintenance, a concierge service (something like GM’s OnStar program) and in some cases regular cleaning. Customers could also arrange to borrow a different Volvo model (for example, a larger wagon or sedan) for short periods. However, if an outright purchase is what buyers want, they can arrange to buy out the XC40 subscription at a pro-rated amount, or simply buy a brand new one. The base price starts at $34,200, including destination fees.

Since people are used to paying a monthly payment, why not just call it a subscription fee which also adds some unusual perks. That’s one option to drive a new Volvo XC40. (PHOTO: VOLVO)

Don’t buy your next Volvo, subscribe to it: